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The material is evenly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder, and the mesh belt uses 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. It is dragged and moved in the dryer by the transmission device. The dryer is composed of several units, each unit of which hot air circulates independently, part of the exhaust gas is discharged by a special dehumidification fan, the exhaust gas is controlled by a regulating valve, and the hot gas is from bottom to top or top

Environmental protection and energy saving pepper dryer

The material is evenly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder, and the mesh belt uses 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. It is dragged and moved in the dryer by the transmission device. The dryer is composed of several units. Each unit independently circulates large-scale agricultural product drying equipment with hot air. Part of the exhaust gas is discharged from the agricultural product dryer by a special exhaust fan. The exhaust gas is controlled by a regulating valve. The material spread on the mesh belt is heated to dry and take away the moisture. The mesh belt moves slowly, and the running speed can be freely adjusted according to the temperature of the material. The dried product continuously falls into the receiver. The upper and lower circulation units can be flexibly equipped according to user needs, and the number of units can be selected according to needs.

Chili mesh belt dryer full automatic dryer

Pepper dryer dryer is a batch, continuous production drying equipment, the main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating, hot air. The pepper dryer passes the materials to be processed through a suitable spreading mechanism. Agricultural product drying equipment , such as star distributors, swing belts, shredders or granulators, are distributed on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is heated by one or several Channels composed of units. Each heating unit is equipped with air heating and circulation systems. Each channel has one or more dehumidification systems. When the conveyor belt passes, hot air passes from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top. On the material, so that the material can be dried uniformly.

Performance characteristics of tunnel dryer

Performance characteristics of tunnel dryer

It is suitable for large agricultural product dryers that need to dry materials for a long time, making full use of effective space and large processing capacity.

The drying medium is at different levels of the drying zone, and the upper and lower sides are alternately transformed, and the recycling is used, and the thermal efficiency is high.

Dehumidification, temperature can be set in different zones according to the characteristics of dry materials, and the process has wide adaptability.

Automatic operation, can be designed to be fully automatic or semi-automatic according to the situation, more labor-saving.


1. High temperature of heat source: 1300 ℃

2.Using radiation temperature (adjustable) 40 ℃ -900 ℃

3.Using peak wavelength range (tunable) 0.43-50μm

4.Total emissivity of surface phase ≥ 0.91

5. Total emissivity of absorber phase ≥ 0.94

6, thermal response time ≤ 2min

7.The heat radiation conversion rate is 99.9%

8.Reflector normal total emissivity 0.05-0.10

9.Electrothermal radiation conversion rate: 80%

Potted and Ground Planted Peppers

Potted pepper

15-25 cm caliber flower pots should be planted per pot, larger pots can be planted 2-3. The soil used should be mainly composed of farm manure, supplemented by phosphate fertilizer, urea, and compound fertilizer. The soil in the basin requires looseness and good water, and maintain sufficient sunlight. If the indoor temperature in winter is suitable and properly maintained, flowering can continue. The fruit viewing period of the plant can often be extended to the new year.

Ground plant

For field planting in open fields, the time is required to be sown from March to May each year. Before transplanting, the field must have enough base fertilizer, more than 1,000 kilograms of manure and animal manure per mu, and 50 kilograms of phosphate fertilizer or compound fertilizer. The transplanting density requires a row spacing of 40-50 cm, plant spacing of 30 cm, sufficient water to moisturize, clean weeding, 10 kg of urea per mu at the beginning of the flowering period, and conditional application of foliar treasure, Fengyinling and other plant vitality.

Hawthorn species classification

Hawthorn species classification

Hawthorn is divided into two kinds of sweet and sour according to its taste, of which the sour hawthorn is the most popular.


It is pink in appearance, small in size, smooth in surface, and slightly sweet in taste.


Divided into crooked red, large Venus, large cotton ball and common hawthorn varieties (the earliest hawthorn varieties).

The crooked red, as its name suggests, is slightly raised at the fruit stem, which looks like the name of the crooked fruit stem. The single fruit is larger than the normal hawthorn, and it is mainly used as a raw material for sugar gourd on the market.

Large Venus, the single fruit is larger than the crooked red, and there are small points in the number of mature, so it is named Large Venus, the taste is the heaviest and belongs to a particularly sour one.

Large cotton balls, large single fruit, both soft and soft when ripe, moderate acidity, basically no processing when eating, short shelf life.

Common hawthorn, the earliest variety of hawthorn, is small in size and hard in flesh, which is suitable for medicine. It is the main raw material of canned hawthorn on the market.

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